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Physiotherapy or rehabilitation are advisable if you have had an injury that has had a negative impact on your life. Professional physiotherapist has the tools and skills to bring relief to patients suffering from the following diseases and conditions.  

children's classes, posture defects, corrective gymnastics, osteopathy, medical training, NDT Bobath.

women's physiotherapy, menstrual pain, dietitian, yoga, female osteopathy, medical training.

manual therapy, osteopathy, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, clavitherapy, diathermy, medical training.

postoperative rehabilitation, physiotherapy for seniors, after fractures, seniors' osteopathy, degeneration, orthopedist.

Physiotherapy is the key to feeling better. Physiotherapy restores, develops and maintains the physical fitness of patients.

Manual Therapy Szczecin
Detailed examination, diagnosis, manual treatment

Manual therapy Szczecin

A method of work based on a detailed examination of the patient, diagnosis and then manual treatment. The procedure involves working with all joints, capsular structures, ligaments and muscles.

Osteopathy in Szczecin
Joints, capsular structures, ligaments, muscles

Osteopath in Szczecin

Osteopathy is related to physiotherapy and rehabilitation as a therapeutic system based on manual treatment techniques. A specialist who specializes in this method of treatment diagnoses and treats with his hands.

Clavitherapy in Szczecin
Induction of leadership through pressure with the clavicle

Clavitherapy in Szczecin

Reflex therapy used in the treatment of stress and pain. It consists in inducing the lost nerve conduction by compressing the place with a specialized tool, the so-called "Clavichoke".

Dry needling Szczecin
Pain and tension relief through acupuncture needles

Dry needling Szczecin

A method of reducing tension and pain by pricking the so-called trigger points or the most painful ones using acupuncture needles. Who Should Benefit From Dry Needling Therapy?

Temporomandibular joint rehabilitation Szczecin
For headache (migraine), neck pain, jaw muscles

Temporomandibular joint

Knowledge of physiotherapy, dentistry, orthodontics and prosthetics. We effectively eliminate clinical symptoms such as: headaches, neck, difficulty swallowing, crackling when opening the mouth, soreness of the jaw muscles, grinding of the teeth or clenching of the jaws while sleeping.

Neurotactin therapy in Szczecin
Stimulation for session-motor stimuli

Neurotactin therapy in Szczecin

Tactile therapy stimulates the development of the functions of the cerebral hemispheres and cortex, midbrain and posterior parts of the brain. During neurotactic therapy, stimulation techniques are used that affect the skin receptors, stimulating them and preparing them for the correct reception of sensory-motor stimuli.

Three-plane foot therapy in children Szczecin
Restores the correct positioning of the foot and limbs

Manual foot therapy in children

Foot therapy without bone loss, especially for infants and older children. After diagnosing and determining the dysfunction, the physiotherapist selects the appropriate procedure to restore the correct positioning of the foot and limbs in physiological movement patterns.

Craniosacral therapy Szczecin
Therapy of the cranial bone, pelvis and chest

Craniosacral therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle and non-invasive therapy. The aim of the therapy is to balance the craniosacral system, which is formed by the dura mater membrane system of the brain and spinal cord and all the bone and fascial structures attached to it.

Improvement of the mood and stimulation to fight the disease

Acupuncture Szczecin

Acupuncture is a medical practice known in traditional Chinese medicine, consisting in the stimulation of specific points on the body (the so-called acupuncture points) with the use of special and appropriately selected needles.

Backache, restoration of mobility

Chiropractic Szczecin

Chiropractic is a type of manual therapy that focuses on treating back pain, restoring mobility, and preventing the recurrence of movement problems.

Szczecin Kinetotherapy
Relief in tension, stabilization of joints, circulation

Kinetotherapy Szczecin

It consists in taping selected parts of the muscles in order to reduce their tension and stabilize the joints. It supports the drainage of lymph and improves the functioning of the circulatory system.

Diathermy Szczecin
Stimulation of energy production inside tissues

Diathermy Szczecin

Tecar therapy, or targeted diathermy, is a type of very effective physical therapy that stimulates the formation of energy inside the tissues, activating the natural anti-inflammatory processes.

Relaxing massage in Szczecin
Stimulating the muscles and the circulatory system, soothes the nerves

Relaxing massage Szczecin

A relaxing massage relaxes you through techniques that work on the tense muscles in the nape, neck and back. Stimulation of muscles, skin and cardiovascular system, and at the same time soothing effect on the nervous system. Massage eliminates negative reactions to stress.

Sports (training) massage in Szczecin
For active people, flexibility, overtraining

Sports massage Szczecin

A sports massage treatment is a good idea for any active person - that's why it is recommended primarily for physically active people. It aims to maintain muscle flexibility, prevent injuries, and eliminate the symptoms of overtraining.

Healing massages in Szczecin
Relief in tension, stabilization of joints, circulation

Healing massage in Szczecin

Therapeutic massage combines several physiotherapeutic techniques with significant health benefits. A professionally performed massage has a positive effect on the skin, joints, muscles and ligaments, regulates the functioning of the circulatory, nervous and endocrine systems.

Lymphatic drainage (massage) in Szczecin
Stimulation of energy production inside tissues

Lymphatic massage Szczecin

Lymphatic massage is a procedure aimed at stimulating the lymph vessels in order to help the body remove toxins and accumulated fluids. It consists in compressing the skin in such a way as to drain the lymph into the vessels and accelerate its circulation.

Treatment of limb lymphoedema

BOA Szczecin lymphatic drainage

The massage takes place under the influence of the sleeve inflating with air, into which the stream of compressed air is supplied from the compressor by means of a system of flexible pipes.

Dissolution of calcium deposits and better vascularization

Szczecin shock wave

Shock wave therapy is one of the most effective methods of treating musculoskeletal disorders. It uses the impulses produced by the apparatus, which allow the penetration into the deeper parts of the body's structures of shock waves, having healing properties.

Related services - rehabilitation and physiotherapy

Medical rehabilitation and physiotherapy They are very popular among people who, for various reasons, need help in restoring their physical fitness. In the rehabilitation center and the physiotherapist's office, you can get rid of these and many other problems and take advantage of related services.
NDT Bobath (vojta) Szczecin
Therapy supporting the development of a child

NDT Bobath Szczecin

Kocepcja NDT-Bobath is a neurodevelopmental method of rehabilitation. It supports the child's development so that it can fully use its capabilities to the extent that the current state of the Central Nervous System (CNS) allows.

Computerized foot examination Szczecin
The load on the feet while standing and walking

Computerized foot examination

It is performed with the use of professional computer equipment and supported by traditional techniques and physiotherapeutic assessment. On the diagnostic mat, we test the loads on the feet while standing and walking.

Corrective gymnastics for children and youth in Szczecin
Exercises, correction of defects, body posture, fitness

Medical training

Group classes during which a qualified physiotherapist, through the appropriate selection of exercises, takes care of the correction of the defects of the youngest patients.

Body mass composition analysis in Szczecin
Weight control, fat mass, nutrition plan

Body mass composition analysis

Using specialized diagnostic scales, we determine the parameters detailed for the patient in a few seconds. The purpose of such a study is to establish an individual nutrition plan and to monitor the effects of diet therapy.

Professional advice - rehabilitation and physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Szczecin
physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Have you had an injury that makes it difficult to return to normal life? Are your classes accompanied by unpleasant pain and discomfort? Physiotherapy is an effective way to recover.

Szczecin is the best specialists in rehabilitation and physiotherapy

Rafal Antczak

A certified physiotherapist and manual therapist with 10 years of experience. A graduate of the ESO International School of Osteopathy in England.

Damian Stucki

Master of Physiotherapy, a graduate of the renowned ESO International School of Osteopathy in the UK. A specialist in psychosomatics and dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint.

Wojciech Horba

Master of Physiotherapy. A graduate of the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin. Participant of many courses and conferences.

Bartholomew Kruk

He is a specialist doctor at the Department of Pediatric Orthopedics and Traumatology SPSK1 in Szczecin. Sports medicine specialist: treatment of injuries and contusions.

Katarzyna Blaszczyk

He is a certified NDT Bobath therapist, craniosacral therapy, manual foot therapy in children, sensory integration.

Natalie Raj

Master of Physiotherapy, a graduate of the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin. A specialist in manual, dental and soft tissue therapy.

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation, osteopath, massage, clavitherapy

Luke Ho Thanh

Dietitian specialist, personal trainer and lecturer. A graduate of the international fitness and aerobics academy IFAA and the American University of Functional Medicine FMU.

Anna Wełpa

In 2016, she completed a personal trainer course and obtained the title of a classical pilates instructor.

Magdalena Miedzińska

She graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin. She worked in the Children's Observation and Infectious Department in Szczecin.

Marek Skawinski

Master of physiotherapy, manual therapist, graduate of the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin in the field of physiotherapy.

Piotr Modliborski

Orthopedics and Traumatology specialist. Children's orthopedist. Shoulder, knee, foot and ankle surgeon

Kamil Greca

Master of Physiotherapy, a graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Poznań.

Klaudia Pomykała

Master of Physiotherapy. A graduate of the Pomeranian University in Szczecin. He performs relaxing and sports massage as well as deep tissue massage and myofascial relaxation.

Dominika Suchcicka

Master of Physiotherapy, a graduate of the Pomeranian Medical University and the Medical University in Poznań. Currently, an osteopathy student at the Osteopath Schule Deutschland.

Rafal Jagiełłowicz

Master of Physiotherapy with a specialization in sports. A graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Poznań.

Pawel Kurpinski

Master of Physiotherapy. A graduate of the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin. Completed courses: Fascial Distortion Model (FDM), dry needling, visceral therapy, pinopressure.

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The key to feeling better
physiotherapy and rehabilitation in offices in Szczecin

Physiotherapy is services that aim to restore, develop and maintain the physical fitness of patients who suffer injuries that have negatively affected their lives.